The human resource module is used for set up of employees, employee leave entitlements and other system settings. An employee uses the Leave request module to request for leave either in person or through his/her supervisor. The leave workflow helps in maintaining the organisation business process e.g from leave application -> supervisor -> MD/GM.

The HR manager or Admin creates single or multiple appraisal criteria. He/she also creates an appraisal type which based on single or multiple appraisal criteria. Appraisal Assignment is used to assign one or more employee to an appraiser. Appraisal is scheduled by the HR manager and executed by the supervisors(appraisers). Approval is finally done by the HR manager.

The customer service portal provides a platform for Organization’s customers to request for services directly from the Organization through the web. The system is also used by customers to provide data for the Organization.

Simple yet sophisticated

With a proven track record, Microsoft Dynamics GP is an innovative, flexible, end-to-end solution that is fast for small to midsized businesses to configure and deploy. Dynamics GP offers the unique combination of a comprehensive business management solution that has business intelligence, collaboration and communication tools embedded throughout.

Get up and running quickly and smoothly with Dynamics GP by working with a partner that has both deep product knowledge and process improvement skills. Benefit from Acc-Specs' steadfast commitment to Microsoft technologies, deep product knowledge and exceptional determination to help clients gain efficiencies. Transition to Dynamics GP under the guidance of Acc-Specs using best practice methodologies and your team will be fully trained and ready to accept responsibility for the new system.


Automation for sales acceleration

Whether you want to manage marketing campaigns, centralize customer and prospect communications or improve customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can empower your team to leverage relationships important to your business. As a natural extension of Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics CRM provides the tools to help you market more effectively, focus on the right sales opportunities and deliver exceptional service to clients.

Whether you choose on-premise or online deployment, having an experienced Microsoft partner to help you design your solution to fit your business needs is vital to your long term success.  Acc-Specs will help tailor your Dynamics CRM so it delivers the information your team needs to deliver results.

Acc-Specs' experienced Dynamics CRM professionals will guide you through solution design, implementation, and training as well as integration to other Microsoft products like Outlook or Dynamics ERP.  Whether you are new to CRM software or just new to Dynamics CRM, the Acc-Specs team will set you up for success.

What can you do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Standardize sales planning and account management
  • Automate process workflows and notifications
  • Streamline scheduling
  • Segment clients and prospects to better target marketing efforts
  • Manage client data like never before
  • Integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions eliminating duplicate entrys

Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a complete POS solution for small and midsize retailers operating everything from a single store to a whole chain. It is comprehensive and scalable for those businesses focusing on significant growth.

It offers advanced functionality such as multidimensional inventory management, customized reporting, advanced purchasing, and receivables management. And Microsoft Dynamics RMS integrates with well-known financial packages you may be using now.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS can be customized for your specific business requirements, providing you with the investment protection of a flexible solution that adapts to meet demanding retail needs.

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. SharePoint integrates intranet, content management, and document management. SharePoint is mostly used by midsize businesses and large departments.